My Patronus is a Podcast


As a creative person with a fragile ego and a tendency to swing toward depression and anxiety, I try and spend time with things, people, and projects that make me feel better and help uplift me. I personally take unbridled joy in the world of Harry Potter, the movies and even more so, the books. So that’s how I came up with the name, My Patronus is a Podcast. MPIAP is my new podcast where I talk with other creative people about what gives them absolute joy, whether it’s a movie, TV show, novel, travel, self-improvement or anything else.

MPIAP re-launches on September 5th, 2017 with new episodes every 2 weeks! Listen to episodes on all of your favorite podcast apps or directly at the host. As always, please visit to listen to the podcast I co-host along with Scott Godlewski!

To support My Patronus is a Podcast, contact or you canPaypal monies directly to Ryan at