Ryan Cody is a comic creator and podcast host. His current work includes drawing, writing, and publishing Old Man Thunderpunch. For summer 2023 he is also coloring Night Terrors: Titans (DC Comics) and Impossible Jones: American A.N.G.E.L. (Panic Button Press).

He also hosts The Illustrious Gentlemen, a podcast where comic creators chat about work, life, and pop culture as well as Oh Yeah! That’s Great!, a podcast about music that he records with one of his best friends who he met at a record store in 1995.

Past work includes; Color Artist – Justice League Versus The Legion of Superheroes (DC Comics) 2022, Color Artist – Impossible Jones Vol.3 (Panic Button Press) 2022-2023, Artist – Death Comes for The Toymaker (Scout Comics) 2023, Creator – My Long Way Home Documentary (Kickstarter) Currently in-production, Artist and Writer – The Ronin and The Shisa (Kickstarter) 2021, Colorist – Midnight Western Theatre (Scout Comics) 2021, Colorist – Family Tree Vol. (Image Comics) 2019-2021, Artist – The Complete Doc Unknown (Dark Horse Comics) 2017, Penciller and Inker – King Features’ The Phantom #2-4 (Dynamite Comics).