Cab Comics this Saturday

This Saturday (Sept. 3rd) I will be appearing alongside several other Arizona creators at Cab Comics in Flagstaff. I’ll have a few copies of the Icarus convention edition, prints and sketchbooks. Stop by and say hello!

One thought on “Cab Comics this Saturday

  1. Dude, your stuff kicks. Really cool to see your strength and enthusiasm for the medium. It makes me believe again in what I’m doing and, what I love about what everyone else is doing.

    I hope I can measure up.

    CAB COMICS in Flagstaff, AZ. Great party! You’re my new home base comic store! So much fun!

    Justice League AZ!! Mr. J and Harly, you have re-ignited my love for comics and why we all do this.

    Power Girl, you saw that my inner nerd could only stare at the wall while you were in the room.

    I guess I used up my time.

    Thanks again, Ryan. Yer fan, that jackass, Salmons.

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