Brutal honesty.

It’s a harsh reality in the U.S. comic book game that unless you’re working at Marvel, DC or Dark Horse, or in some cases Image, it’s damn near impossible to make a living doing comic book work. Often, even working at those big publishers it can be impossible, it’s a rough game. This is not a rule, just a majority (or my own) opinion. Honestly I probably do about 40 hours of work a week, many artists do much more. If I had more work then I would put in more time, because drawing comics for 60 hours a week is better than working retail or sales or in an office for 40. On a typical month I make not too much more than minimum wage. I’m not thrilled that I don’t make more money, but I try not to complain about it because I get to work from home, draw comics and make my own schedule, and honestly, many people are still unemployed, so I’m happy to to even be able to support myself and my kids.

The life of a comic artist isn’t terrible by any means. With all that said, my last long-term gig ended about 4 months ago and I’ve been working on short stories, corporate comics, one-shots, all sorts of random assignments since then. The time is upon us however, that I need some security and a new long term project where I can get comfortable with the work I’m doing and know that I won’t have to scramble for money each and every day. So I’m posting this here, since the deviant community has always been super supportive. If you know of (or are) any editors/publishers/creators looking for a colorist or pencil and ink artist (or both?) Email me hurricanekids@gmail. (Paying work only please.)

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