UFC 136 picks

Here are my picks for tonight’s UFC card, going down in Houston.

Pettis v. Stephens – Pettis takes this one, Jeremy Stephens is no Clay Guida and won’t outwork, out-strike or do anything better than Pettis in this fight. He is very well rounded, but I still think Pettis takes this.

Maia v. Santiago – I think if Demian fights smart, this is his to win, and I think he needs this win to have any shot of a second title contention run. I am biased though, I always pick Maia.

Guillard v. Lauzon – I really like Lauzon’s jiu-jitsu but the Young Assassin Guillard will take this, probably in knockout fashion.

Garcia v. Phan II – I think Garcia will go out there and just brawl like he always does, especially in front of a Texas crowd and Phan will beat him by being the more technical fighter. If Rogan interviews him after the fast, Garcia will apologize and say “He just wanted to put on a show for the fine people of Texas.”

Sonnen v. Stann – I wish Stann would knock Chael back to reality, but Chael probably wrestles his way to a win here. Still, I’ll pick the upset and go with Stann.

Aldo v. Florian (FW Championship)- Florian may have to drop to 135 after Aldo beats him tonight, but I don’t think he could beat Cruz either. Florian is great for the sport and very well rounded, but he is not championship material and this may be his last shot. I think he takes a beating while trying to take Aldo down, very similar to his fight with BJ Penn. Aldo via TKO.

Edgar v. Maynard III (LW championship) – I cannot wait for this to be over and for new life to brought into the title picture here. Maynard beat Edgar in their first fight and then beat him senseless in round one of their last fight, but The Bully has finally run out of steam against the champ. Edgar showed he could defend Maynard’s take-downs better last time, and no doubt even better this time. I think Edgar outpoints Maynard en route to keeping his belt.

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