UFC 141 post show matchmaking post

Here is where I post about where the winners and losers go from here after UFC 141.

Nam Phan – Bellator. I don’t know how much name power he has right now and his biggest, and only, UFC win is against Leonard Garcia. The only reason he might not get cut is that the UFC’s featherweight division needs bodies. If he sticks around, then how about feeding him to Dennis Bermudez.

Jim Hetes – How about Chan Sung Jung? He just beat former title contender Mark Hominick and he always comes to fight. If that’s too far a step up in competition, and the UFC wants to groom him, then let’s try Mike Brown.

Vladimir Matyushenko – He’s been fed to the UFC’s young lions lately, I say give him Stephen Bonnar or Forrest Griffin and let the veterans go at it. I’ll say Griffin

Alexander Gustafsson – Antonio Rogerio Nogueira. Little Nog and Gustafsson are both coming off big wins, it makes sense.

Jon Fitch – Yikes. A 12- second KO. I say give him Charlie Brenneman. One of them will need to get back on track.

Hendricks – He proved he’s the real deal. I say give him the loser of Diaz/Condit. I know the UFC does not like to pair up a guy coming off a win against a guy coming off a loss, but either of those guys will be the right challenge for Hendricks right now. I’m sure Josh Koscheck will call Hendricks out though, so if Kos gets past Mike Pierce in February, let Hendricks have him.

Donald Cerrone – Give him some time off and then give him the loser of Pettis/Lauzon.

Nate Diaz – A rematch with Gray Maynard. If he can get past Gray he is a legitimate threat to the UFC lightweight belt.

Brock Lesnar – Mir/Lesnar III is the only fight that makes money. It’s winnable for Brock and still makes the UFC a ton of money. It’s too soon for a rematch with Cain Velasquez and Brock gets paid too much to not take on a top contender.

Overeem – Already penciled in to fight for UFC Heavyweight strap against Junior Dos Santos.


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