Austin re-cap.

I just got back from Austin last night. 4-days & 2,000 miles in a rented Chevy Cruse, just me and my wife visiting Austin for the first time, so I could attend Staple! 2014.

The Good. Food. So much good food I wanted to try, sadly I only ate two dinners in town and one less than stellar breakfast. I highly recommend East Side King and Switch Stile BBQ. The Philly Cheesesteak food cart was awesome as well. The town also has some really great bars I wish my own town had. I also do love Texas beer.  Staple! itself was a really great show as well. Very interested fans, lots of chatting and lots of selling, which is the most important part. I did very well on original art sales and sketch commissions. A really small show, in a great venue that was a lot of fun. Also, the the Motel 6 in Lubbock, TX, thanks for being warm, clean and right off the highway. I love driving, so the 30+ hours I spent behind the wheel over the four days I did not mind one bit. Great to see new parts of Texas & New Mexico.

The Bad. Our hotel in Austin. My wife and I decided to save money and stay in a budget hotel. It was a disaster, dirty, loud and zero feeling of security. Spend the extra money and stay somewhere you can relax is the lesson learned here.

Thanks again to Fabian Rangel Jr. for having me at his table, team Doc Unknown did pretty well at the show and we had a great time discussing the future of Doc Unknown. Also thanks to all the fans that supported me with a special shout out to Dusty & Andrew, really great guys.

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