2020 First Half Report

What a year it’s been! Despite some pandemic related work issues, I’m still plugging along on various projects. I’m continuing to color Family Tree at Image, where issues 1-6 are currently available. A new book I’m coloring over artist David Hahn should be announced soon and I’ve also recently colored several issues of Hero Code for Jamie Gampbell, that I would imagine will be available soon.

I’m still working on my self-published Ronin and The Shisa manga/comic as well as the documentary about returning home to Okinawa. I’m hoping for both to be finished at the end of September.

My podcast, The Illustrious Gentlemen is still plugging along over at anchor.fm/tigshow and we try to release a new episode every week. I’ve also recorded a few episodes of a new podcast that I’ll start releasing very soon. Stay safe and be nice to one another.

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