Upcoming apprearances

Sorry for the delay in posts, trying to keep my head above water on this end. A few weeks ago was the first ever Arizona Comic Mini Expo (ACME). An event I organized to celebrate all the best Arizona comic book talent.  Even though it turned out to be more work than I imagined, it was  great weekend and I’m really happy with all the creators and fans that cam out to support us. I’m already looking forward to next year. Coming up next weekend however, is the Phoenix Comicon, a great event that I am super proud to be associated with. I’ll be at Table 952, next to the amazing Scott Godlewski. I’ll have some limited edition prints like these for only $10 each –  

and I’ll also have a limited supply of my new book, CARA FANTASMA!

Only $3! I will also be selling copies of the Jesus Christ: In the Name of the Gun Vol.2 Temporal Death Punch trades.

Last, but not least, I have these prints left over from ACME. The Monstros print was created as a charity print, and all proceeds go to the HERO Initiative. Both prints are only $5! 

Sketchbooks are $5 as always, $10 with a head sketch, and commission sketches range from $15 to $50. Looking forward to seeing everyone out there!

One thought on “Upcoming apprearances

  1. I bought a print of your beautiful, awesome Batman Comicon poster. You offered to sign it for me, and how could I possibly refuse? I said it gave “added value.” Later on, Brent Spiner signed it, too! This Comicon was my first, and you helped make it great. This print has earned a place of honor upon my relatively bare walls. Thank you, sir. I’ll be back to see you next year!

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