Phoenix Comicon 2012 Wrap-up

Another Phoenix Comicon is in the books, and it was the best one yet. I’m always humbled by the support I get at this con. It is my local convention and I continue to get support from repeat customers every year. I promise next year to have some really special items at my table if they are kind enough to invite me back. Once again I sat next to my pal Scott Godlewski and that always makes the event 100% better. He’s a criminally under-appreciated artist who I managed to get some original art and a sketchbook from. Big thanks to John Derrick West  for hanging out, drumming up sales for me and being a wonderful addition to my table. The staff treat the guests extremely well and they are one of the best things about this convention. I hope to be there again next year next to Scott and one last thanks to Jesse James for the invite to be a guest this year.

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