Getting nerdy with the numbers

I like to break down my conventions in detail so I know how to plan out for the future. I enjoy cons when I can speak with educated attendees about art, comics and creators, and I also enjoy meeting new creators and talking with friends I only see at these shows. I also do shows as an income supplement and a way to travel. Now that my 2014 shows are over, I broke down my numbers and really tried to focus on what shows were people spending the most per individual. Not which shows had the biggest numbers, but which shows had the most creator-supportive fans. I had to approximate attendance numbers for ACME (The Arizona Comic Mini Expo), ACE! and Staple! so those figures are skewed but are fairly accurate in my estimation, and if anything I skewed towards a smaller attendee number.

First off, going strictly off profit, the order is Phoenix Comic-Con, Staple!, Tucson Comic-Con, Albuquerque Comic Expo and ACME. Costs varied for each show but my gross income is almost identical but switch Albuquerque and Tucson, though the difference is only about $25.

The number I found interesting, but not unexpected, was the dollar amount spent per attendee. Again, using some estimated numbers, the order for that was; ACME, Tucson Comic-Con, Staple!, ACE!, and Phoenix Comic-Con. So I tend to do better per attendee at smaller shows. Phoenix Comic-Con is the anamoly where the massive amount of people equal a greater total profit. For me, less attendees equals less “observers”, those who walk around and look, with no intention of buying, and also less cosplayers and media guest fans, both crowds who do not tend to support my work. The shows I had the highest dollar amount per attendee both had next to zero cosplayers and absolutely no media guests. The top three shows in this category had no media guests at all. It would be interesting to me see if other creators had similar experiences.

I also have to mention that I was a guest at all these shows this year, so that mitigates costs involved. All involved road travel and one involved hotel fees. I’m looking forward to next year already, with only two shows lined up as of now. ACME4 is in May and I have my first ever east coast convention appearance next summer at a show I have wanted to do for years.

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