It seemed like for many people I know personally and through social media, 2014 was a shit year. It was for me as well for the most part, although I was fortunate enough to have my family healthy and my wife took huge steps in the forward direction for her career. My grandmother passed early in 2014 and that was hard, but she led a full life and was at peace in the end. Career wise I had another iffy year. Outside of Doc Unknown Vol.2 coming out in the first half of the year, I had a fairly sporadic and uneventful year in terms of releases. In positive areas, I made a conscious decision to raise my page rates and value my work more, and that has paid off well. I was able to hang out with Stuart and Kathryn Immonen and that was a highlight for sure. They are a great example of a positive relationship and being able to watch Stuart work and chat with him will always be a career highlight. We had another great ACME event, and I’m very proud of the Arizona Comic Mini Expo and what is being built with that.

2015 will start out with my first work for IDW, some short anthology work in Imaginary Drugs Vol.1. I’ve lined up some small work at another publisher I have never worked with and I’m currently waiting to hear back on some pitches that I hope will take off. Doc Unknown Vol.3 should be coming out in the late summer/early fall and that is the volume I have been looking forward to for working on for over a year. 2015 also marks my ten year anniversary of deciding to make a run at a life working in comics, and it will mark the start of my 5th year doing it full-time. I’m planning and hoping for it to pay off with some higher profile work with people and companies I respect. So let’s keep chugging along and see what happens. Thanks to everyone who hired me for commission work and to clients who allowed me to feed my kids and do this for another year.

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