This past weekend, while learning more about Darwyn Cooke’s life, I felt the need to make something. To create something. I didn’t know Darwyn at all, I only knew his work, which always seemed to have passion and life in it. A creeping depression has been affecting me recently due to various issues, most notably a significant milestone in my son’s life, and my lack of steady work at the moment. My highs and lows can usually be directly linked to my bank account balance. Doing a web comic or unpaid collaboration never seemed like a real option for me, since they do not put food on my table or a roof over my head, but the sudden passing of Mr. Cooke made me pause, and think about how much I have not really enjoyed making comics as much as I should have. Some projects are obviously more fun that others, and some are more challenging and that can be fun, but some are just work. I decided a couple days ago that I should spend at least an hour each day working on comics that can be, for me at least, 100% fun. I decided to give myself some joy each day, making a comic I can love and nurture. Fata Obstant Expeditions is an idea I’ve had for years, and so it’s the idea I’m running with. I can incorporate all these little characters I have created over the years into one fun universe of magic, gods, superheroes, criminals and wackiness. Right now the series is set up at http://fataobstant.thecomicseries.com/ and I plan on posting a page a week there. In progress shots and videos will be posted to my social media feeds, facebook, twitter, instagram & tumblr. Pages will be put up for sale each week on my site as I hope to be able to spread my love for this comic and pay some bills as well. Here’s page 1.


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