The Long Road

10 days, 8 states, 73 hours behind the wheel, 4,916 miles. A fantastic road trip with my son that took us to Virginia to see family, into D.C. for all the touristy things, and then on to Charlotte for Heroes Con, one of my absolute favorite shows of the year. I love driving, I love engaging my children in conversations that matter and I love talking about art and process, and those 10 days provided it all. Despite all the flaws this country has, it is beautiful, and going from the high desert mountains of Northern Arizona to the flat plains of North Texas and Oklahoma to the forests and smoky mountains of Tennessee, I loved it all. Southern hospitality is very much a real thing, and something that is missing here in the west. Heroes Con is an amazing show and I can’t say that enough. Over the years Shelton and his team have cultivated and curated a show that is 100% about comics and comic art. 90% of my sales come from original art and commissions at that show, compared to about 40% at other shows. All the fans are educated and passionate and want to talk about art, artists and their love of comics. Charlotte is a very nice city, so I hope Rico and the gang at Heroes will have me back for many years to come. I have several more trips this year and I’m very much looking forward to travelling as much as I can, it’s become the greatest passion of mine. On the work front, as I wait for new projects to ramp up, I’m taking commissions to cover the gap, you can message me at if you have any. You can follow me on Instagram if you’re interested in more photos. Thanks!

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