Wonder Con 2018

This past weekend I took up a last minute offer to go Wonder Con in Anaheim. It’s a show I’ve never been to and it was a relatively short drive of six and half hours across the Mojave Desert. I did not have a table or even properly set up for the show, I only went for Saturday but was able to squat at my publisher’s booth for about 4 and half hours that afternoon. I rented a super sweet Ford Fiesta and left my house at 2am to make sure I was there in time for my publisher’s panel that morning.

The main reason I went was that Golden Apple Books was launching their new publishing line and I’m an artist on the book, Adventure Van, which will be coming out late summer. They had a panel announcing their new line-up in the morning, and then I did a signing of a free preview copy along with the writer and creator, Michael McMillian. Most people know Michael through his acting work on shows like True Blood and Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, but he also a published comic book writer with credits at Archaia and IDW. The panel and signing went great, I sold some artwork and some trades and met some cool people like Darick Robertson, R. Eric Lieb, Richard Fairgray, Michael and Dan Fogler, who plays Jacob Kowalski in the Fantastic Beasts movies. Golden Apple Books was a fantastic host and they really treat their creators well, and I’m proud to be working with Ryan and Matt. The vibe inside Wonder Con as really great and not nearly as overwhelming as their sister convention in San Diego. The drive between Kingman and Barstow is beautiful and the road are absolutely pristine, I highly recommend the straight-out-of-1973 lounge in the Anaheim Clarion, a creator dinner and drinks session was a highlight of the trip.

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