I just got back from the Long Beach Comic Con and I wanted to express my sincere thanks to everyone who picked up a copy of Adventure Van from us at the Golden Apple Books booth. Ryan Liebovitz and his family and staff were incredible hosts all weekend and really go out of their way to make their creators feel welcome. I also got to spend some time hanging out Michael McMillian, my writer and the creator of Adventure Van and that’s always fun. Other than him working on sets in Hollywood and me working in my garage, we’re pretty much the same person. I also got the chance to drink at the Chez Jay for a bit, which was cool because I really enjoy GOLIATH on Amazon. Check it out. Lastly, please, please, pre-order and back-order Adventure Van from your local comic shop if you would like a copy. Most retailers only order the most popular books and a small press book like ours needs vocal people to order it. Thanks!


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