Fata Obstant Expeditions #1 Print Sale

I printed up a very small run of Fata Obstant Expeditions #1 for my upcoming shows but I’ll sell a small handful here for those fans who REALLY want a print edition. It’s 20 pages, full color, and will cost $12 shipped. (U.S. Only). Included in that price you’ll also get a small, 5×7 head sketch of any character of your choice (no need for it be from FOE). I’m limiting this to only 6 copies initially. You can paypal me at hurricanekids@gmail.com.



Fata Obstant Expeditions!

Chapter 1 of Fata Obstant Expeditions wraps up next Monday. If you like to read comics as a whole instead of page by page, you can now pre-order the digital first issue as a high quality PDF. It will be available on Wednesday September 7th. Also, for fans of F.O.E. who want to support it more fully, I’ve created a Patreon page as well. There are options for behind the scenes process pieces, sketches & original art. Please, as always share this far and wide if possible, and I’ll keep chugging away at this fun little project. Chapter 2 starts September 12th.


The Long Road

10 days, 8 states, 73 hours behind the wheel, 4,916 miles. A fantastic road trip with my son that took us to Virginia to see family, into D.C. for all the touristy things, and then on to Charlotte for Heroes Con, one of my absolute favorite shows of the year. I love driving, I love engaging my children in conversations that matter and I love talking about art and process, and those 10 days provided it all. Despite all the flaws this country has, it is beautiful, and going from the high desert mountains of Northern Arizona to the flat plains of North Texas and Oklahoma to the forests and smoky mountains of Tennessee, I loved it all. Southern hospitality is very much a real thing, and something that is missing here in the west. Heroes Con is an amazing show and I can’t say that enough. Over the years Shelton and his team have cultivated and curated a show that is 100% about comics and comic art. 90% of my sales come from original art and commissions at that show, compared to about 40% at other shows. All the fans are educated and passionate and want to talk about art, artists and their love of comics. Charlotte is a very nice city, so I hope Rico and the gang at Heroes will have me back for many years to come. I have several more trips this year and I’m very much looking forward to travelling as much as I can, it’s become the greatest passion of mine. On the work front, as I wait for new projects to ramp up, I’m taking commissions to cover the gap, you can message me at hurricanekids@gmail.com if you have any. You can follow me on Instagram if you’re interested in more photos. Thanks!


This past weekend, while learning more about Darwyn Cooke’s life, I felt the need to make something. To create something. I didn’t know Darwyn at all, I only knew his work, which always seemed to have passion and life in it. A creeping depression has been affecting me recently due to various issues, most notably a significant milestone in my son’s life, and my lack of steady work at the moment. My highs and lows can usually be directly linked to my bank account balance. Doing a web comic or unpaid collaboration never seemed like a real option for me, since they do not put food on my table or a roof over my head, but the sudden passing of Mr. Cooke made me pause, and think about how much I have not really enjoyed making comics as much as I should have. Some projects are obviously more fun that others, and some are more challenging and that can be fun, but some are just work. I decided a couple days ago that I should spend at least an hour each day working on comics that can be, for me at least, 100% fun. I decided to give myself some joy each day, making a comic I can love and nurture. Fata Obstant Expeditions is an idea I’ve had for years, and so it’s the idea I’m running with. I can incorporate all these little characters I have created over the years into one fun universe of magic, gods, superheroes, criminals and wackiness. Right now the series is set up at http://fataobstant.thecomicseries.com/ and I plan on posting a page a week there. In progress shots and videos will be posted to my social media feeds, facebook, twitter, instagram & tumblr. Pages will be put up for sale each week on my site as I hope to be able to spread my love for this comic and pay some bills as well. Here’s page 1.