It’s been a while.

Wow, so it’s been a little over 4 months since I last posted, sorry about that.  Here is a quick update on my various, current, projects. I’m working on two graphic novels for release next year, one is an historical account of Joan of Arc for Tapestry Comics and the other is a science fiction/horror story that I can’t say much about currently, but I’m part of a great team over there as well. I’m also planning to return to work on my own comic, Fata Obstant Expeditions, next month, and issue 2 will be out in November. The book will be re-titled, AGENTS OF F.O.E., so be on the lookout for that. Issue #1 is for sale digitally at Comixology. A couple months ago Dark Horse Comics released The Complete Doc Unknown hardcover, over 360 pages of my work, and you can order that through your local comic shop, book store, or pick it up on Amazon.

My weekly podcast, The Illustrious Gentlemen, with up and coming DC Comics superstar artist Scott Godlewski, continues to soldier on and we have fun conversations and tackle some great topics. My other podcast I’ve been trying to get going, My Patronus is a Podcast has hit some roadblocks, but I hope to get that back on track soon.

One last thing, I’ve started a Threadless Artist shop selling t-shirts. So please, hop over there and check that out as well. Follow me on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram & since I’m primarily an artist, here is some art to save this long winded post, enjoy!


Proof of Life

It’s been a couple months since I’ve posted here so I thought I’d hop online and let everyone know what I’ve been up to. I’m wrapping up pencils and inks on a 3-issue run on a comic called The Six Swords and once I have solid publisher information on that I’ll be sure to post it. I’m also working with Tapestry Comics on a new adventure comic with a historical bent. I think a preview is being made for Free Comic Book Day in May. My own comic, F.O.E., will be starting up again later this month, and you can always buy the first issue digitally on Comixology, along with some of my other work. I co-host a podcast with Scott Godlewski (artist of Copperhead at Image Comics, and a couple titles at Vertigo/DC Comics) called The Illustrious Gentlemen, and on tomorrow’s episode (#19) we talk all about the beginning of Image Comics. I’m very proud of the 3 anthologies I’ve had work in that were published by Image and it was a fun talk. I also am continuing to post writing work, and some behind the scenes work to my Patreon, which is still a work in progress and awfully low on patrons. Also, for anyone in Australia, there is a card set for The Phantom coming out soon that I did some art for, so I’ll be sure to post about that when I get details. Here is a recent commission I finished.


Patreon support.

So I’ve decided to make a small change to how I post my creator owned work online. Starting next Monday my Patreon backers will see all new F.O.E. pages and any travel writing I do a week before I put them up anywhere else. The comic will still be free online, but I wanted to give a little something extra to anyone who chooses to support my creator owned work. Patreon reward plans start at just $1 a month. My income is 100% based on freelancing for clients and that pays my bills, but projects like F.O.E. and The Illustrious Gentlemen take up time that I could be spending on client focused work or family, so I think it’s fair to offer something special to people who want to help support my work. If you’re interested, please take a few minutes and look it over. Shares of this post are greatly appreciated.


Fata Obstant Expeditions #1 Print Sale

I printed up a very small run of Fata Obstant Expeditions #1 for my upcoming shows but I’ll sell a small handful here for those fans who REALLY want a print edition. It’s 20 pages, full color, and will cost $12 shipped. (U.S. Only). Included in that price you’ll also get a small, 5×7 head sketch of any character of your choice (no need for it be from FOE). I’m limiting this to only 6 copies initially. You can paypal me at